General rules

For artwork

  • No tracing, editing, cropping, removing signatures/links, etc. This includes using my work as icons or headers
  • No uploading to any public channels (social media, art sites, imageboards/booru sites/discord servers with open invites, etc.)
  • None of my work is to be used as part of your own creation (this means no usage of my work in Youtube thumbnails/slideshows/headers/banners/forum signatures/Tumblr or website themes or what have you. )
  • No commercial use of my work. This includes:
    • Using my work as merch or prints with the intention to profit off them (strictly for your own personal use is fine)
    • Using my work as a means to advertise your own products or services. More on this under “A NOTE ABOUT COMMERCIAL USE”.
  • No redistributing any paywalled content
  • No using my work as a mural or tattoo
  • Referencing and inspiration/style pickup is completely ok, credit not needed but greatly appreciated!

These rules apply to all work, whether in part or in full, unless stated otherwise or I give you permission to.

Exceptions will be granted in the following cases:

  • The artwork was made for you as a gift or request/commission
  • The artwork is used to fill out a meme such as the Influence Map
  • Redlining for critique is the only exception to the editing rule

For music

  • Finished pieces are free for personal use provided you’re not just re-uploading or redistributing the track. If you plan to monetize anything that uses my music please contact me about it first so I know what’s up
    • Legitimate use cases:
      • Using my music in your Youtube videos with your own original content (i.e. not just a video consisting of only the audio & album art or lyrics)
      • Using my music in your livestreams
  • You’re free to cover or remix anything provided that clear credit is shown in the title of the work
  • WIP/SoundCloud uploads are not to be used at all
  • TBC

A note about commercial use

Commercial use of a work will only be granted if the work was made specifically for such a purpose. This option is only available if you commission me.

I will consider the following as commercial use:

  • Ad banners
  • Images for editorials
  • Album covers
  • Youtube/streaming assets (considered commercial use if you’re a professional Youtuber or streamer). Which include but are not limited to:
    • Thumbnails
    • Visual elements/aids throughout the videos
    • Branding (Headers, layouts, intros/outros, etc)
  • TBC

How to ask

Send an email with the subject line “Requesting permission to use [x]”. When submitting your inquiry be sure to include:

  • An active link to the work you wish to use
  • What you plan to use it for
  • Where you plan to use the work

Once you’ve gotten permission

Please be sure to give credit by linking back to either the work in question where you got it from or any of my social media profiles. It helps to state somewhere that you’ve gotten direct permission from me or provide some kind of proof but its not strictly required. Also please ensure that others aren’t allowed to use the work without contacting me first.

Permission can and will be revoked if I find you using the work for any offensive or defamatory purposes, or uploading the work to any R-18 site or hate site and you will be put on a blacklist.